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The Sun on Sunday is to be marketed more aggressively.

News International is looking to promote the newest member in its fold in order that it keeps up and around 38% of the market share of tabloid and mid-range newspapers.

Rupert Murdoch wants The Sun on Sunday to hover around the 40% sales mark in the tabloid and mid-range Sunday newspaper market and will sanction a marketing campaign focusing on content rather than the brand.

The Wapping-based newspaper was launched … - Read More >

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With the majority of the world signed up to at least one social media site, brands start to fine tune thier social media strategies.

Twitter has roughly 200 million users making it the perfect platform to market your business but this isn’t the only way to up your web presence via social media.

Brands are always looking to boost their web pressence by a number of methods and social media has now taken centre stage, but are brands really looking at the big picture … - Read More >

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A pirated Russian copy of The Iron Lady film has confused at least one critic.

At least one Russian movie critic was taken in by a pirated copy of the film The Iron Lady which has been marketed across the Russian Federation.

The film made about Margaret Thatcher’s life including her stint as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has taken on a political slant in Russia following the promotion of a pirated copy.

At least one film … - Read More >

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Social Media Redundancy – Do We Need 10 Different Social Platforms?

Duplicate Sites with Different Names?

With it being 2012 most people (and most businesses) are now socially active on a number of different networking sites. Most will be on Facebook or Twitter, but then the more savvy will also have a profile on Linkedin, Youtube, Foursquare and Google+.

But do we really need to have a presence on each of these sites? And more importantly, when will a time come when full … - Read More >

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Consumers love the internet more than chocolate and alcohol.

Britain has the largest internet economy of all the G20 countries.

A quarter of people in the UK would give up sex in order to maintain their internet connection, according to new research designed to show how much consumers value the web.

Just over two thirds would give up alcohol and more than three quarters would stop eating chocolate and drinking coffee, highlighting the nation’s obsession with digital communication.

Participants in … - Read More >

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