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Google updates, so you should too

A Google update makes it all the more important to update your site regularly

We all know that online marketing is one of the most powerful tools to reach potential customers, however if you leave it there then it is not enough; according to reports of the new Google update.

So you have had a new website developed, had it optimised for all of your keywords and bought a few links but unless you … - Read More >

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The Independent will start to charge non-UK readers for its content.

UK newspaper The Independent will charge its non-UK internet users to view its online content in a move which will be watched with interest in the newspaper industry.

The Independent will implement overseas subscription charges for its online content to users from abroad, erecting a paywall to anyone outside of Britain who wants to read their newspaper.

Under proposals The Independent will focus on north American online readers, offering … - Read More >

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Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only subscription The Daily has only 80,000 readers paying for it.

The publisher of Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-content only online newspaper announced that it only numbers 80,000 subscribers, just a sixth of the number required for the site to break even.

Greg Clayman confirmed that The Daily averages 120,000 readers with only 80,000 prepared to pay either 99Ā¢ each week or $39.99 per annum to read the newspaper which is exclusive to iPad users.

Approximately 15% of people who … - Read More >

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Interesting ways of learning about grammar work to improve student comprehension.

Manipulating grammar in an exciting way is more successful than traditional teaching methods.

Teaching the rules of grammar in a fun and engaging way leads to better writing skills in the long term, according to the findings of a new study.

Researchers at Exeter University carried out an experiment on 700 school pupils from 31 secondary schools to assess whether their abilities would improve if the style of teaching … - Read More >

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Apple is richer than the US Government.

It has been confirmed that Apple now has more cash reserves than the United States of America Government according to figures from the US Treasury and Apple’s most recent financial results.

In a twist so strange that it could almost become a Daily Mash headline, the facts point to the US Government having a $73.7 billion cash balance to play with, whilst Apple is showing cash reserves of $76.4 billion.

While this … - Read More >

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LulzSec have hacked into The Sun’s webpages and sent users to a fake website which declared Rupert Murdoch had died.

News International Corporation took down their websites after LulzSec hacked into the website of Britain’s biggest selling daily newspaper The Sun and redirected traffic to a different page which falsely reported the death of proprietor Rupert Murdoch.

As well as claiming responsibility for the hacking of the website, LulzSec claim they have hold of emails from The Sun, including … - Read More >

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Google and the British Library are in the process of scanning andĀ uploading 250,000 books to the internet.


Google are working with the British Library to create a new app where users can access rare and out-of-print books.

The books are texts dating from 1700 and 1870 and are on a range of different topics. Google insists that the project isn’t for both companies to see financial benefit, but to provide an academic service.

The out-of-copyright books are currently being … - Read More >

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The internet could be inundated with new suffixes from next year.

Icann have announced that they are to increase the number of suffixes available at the end of internet domain names from as early as next year.

Currently there are 22 generic top-level domain suffixes including .org, .gov, .com and .edu with each serving a particular purpose, whilst there are around 250 country domain names such as .uk or .fr.

The new resolution was passed by a majority vote in … - Read More >

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A Syrian lesbian blogger who commented on events in the nation has admitted to being an American man.

A blog writer purporting to be a Syrian lesbian has been exposed as a middle-aged American man.

Tom MacMaster, a 40 year-old American studying for a PhD at Edinburgh University enraptured the world with his tales about the struggles of daily life in Syria as Amina Abdullah Aral al Omani across a four year period.

However, he came clean after suspicions grew … - Read More >

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Microsoft appeals to European Union due to Panda update

Google reject claims that they have deliberately sabotaged Microsoft

Google has been accused of purposefully under-ranking, a site owned by Microsoft, just because the site is a potential competitor.

Microsoft became suspicious when their site became 94% less visible within the Google search engine, leading them to the conclusion that Google was less than objective.

However Scott Huffman, a senior employee at Google, said it was “almost - Read More >

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