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Social Media Redundancy – Do We Need 10 Different Social Platforms?

Duplicate Sites with Different Names?

With it being 2012 most people (and most businesses) are now socially active on a number of different networking sites. Most will be on Facebook or Twitter, but then the more savvy will also have a profile on Linkedin, Youtube, Foursquare and Google+.

But do we really need to have a presence on each of these sites? And more importantly, when will a time come when full … - Read More >

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Oxfam have launched a new app to help reveal the past of their second hand goods for sale.

The charity hope the new Shelflife app will help to increase the value of the donated goods in their shops.

Have you ever gone into an Oxfam shop, seen a random item and wondered where on earth it could have come from? Well a new app means you have to wonder no more!

Oxfam have launched a new Shelflife app which reveals … - Read More >

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High street bank Barclays releases text Pingit app.

The app is the first in Europe to allow users to transfer money person to person using an application.

High Street bank Barclays has released a new app which allows its customers to transfer money via their smartphones. Over the next few weeks the bank is set to open the bank transfer app to other banks but customers will only be eligible to receive money. The app allows a total of £300 to be sent or received in one day.… - Read More >

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Facebook IPO filing could mean your data is sold to millions of others

Date breach a possibility now that Facebook is entering the open market

The social networking king, Facebook, is a social media site that many brands have used to their advantage; which in turn has enabled Facebooks revenue to continue to grow.

A recent filing for public trading will now mean that the now estimated $100 million company wants to look to the future and raise a further $5 billion … - Read More >

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This year could see some dramatic changes to the social media landscape as tech titans Google+ and Facebook prepare to battle head to head for control of the social media empire.

I’m sure most of you will have already made up your mind which will emerge as the victorious platform but I bet only a handful of you are backing Google+, while everyone else is thinking “it will be a blood bath. How can Google+ win the war?  Facebook has - Read More >

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TV is set to evolve with the rise of social media.

Pop star Justin Timberlake announces MySpace TV at the Consumer Electronics Show as they try to revive the once popular social network site.

MySpace and Panasonic unveiled what they are calling the “evolution of television” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The new technology will allow users to experience television on a social level, or Social TV as they are calling it.

Rather than discussing your favourite show with … - Read More >

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Google+, contactless technology and smart TVs are tipped to be winners in 2012, but which will you decide to use?

Last year was an astounding year for digital and mobile progression which has been in the full front of the media.

Marketing Week has created a top three list of  digital trends to watch out for in the next twelve months.

The first of the three predictions is that Google+ may start to catch up with Facebook on the number of users which it … - Read More >

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Facebook users will now see sponsored stories on their news feed.

The news feed will give brands more advertising visibility on the social networking site.

If you are one of Facebook’s 200 million users and have liked brands or products on the site then in the New Year you will start to see some of these brands advertising on your news feed. Facebook’s aim is to ensure that brands are given as much opportunity to be visible to users in areas which are … - Read More >

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Big investment may make pay-per-click more accessible to small businesses

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are set to invest in online marketing and pay-per-click campaigns in an attempt to enlighten small businesses about their options.

This moves comes as in the past many small businesses have been reluctant to use ad words campaigns or have struggled to implement a correct strategy.

Now, Google, Bing and Yahoo want to encourage local businesses to invest in pay-per-click campaigns to increase their customer base.… - Read More >

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Amazon and Apple aim for seperate audiences in the tablet marketWith the Amazon Kindle Fire now on the market, what’s Apple’s next move

The Amazon Kindle Fire is all set to meet it’s sales targets for Christmas, and with Amazon selling the Fire at a loss, there is no uncertainty about their tactics.

Apple will be striking back soon with the iPad3 which is going to be bringing a few new tricks to the tablet market and also raising the bar on the tech side.

Firstly Amazon seems to be … - Read More >

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