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Royal wedding breaks streaming records; along with the internet

Biggest ever streaming audience crashes the BBC website

According to internet firms the royal wedding achieved record breaking streaming figures.

However, this was bad news for the BBC website as their site could not handle the increased traffic that the royal event generated.

As a consequence, a lot people were unable to view the ceremony after streaming sites crashed and just displayed an error message.… - Read More >

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Plans revealed to replace third-party apps by Twitter

Third-party apps to become extinct after new plans by Twitter

Twitter has revealed that when new security protocols are put in place they will help to minimise the use of third party apps. As a result, you will only be able to access the site via official Twitter software.

The plan is to prevent external program developers from making apps to access the Twitter site and profiles. This move should give Twitter a … - Read More >

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Google announces plans to recruit new app designers

App designers to be head-hunted by Google

Google has announced plans to recruit a large number of software developers, in order to create a host of new apps to counter the success of Apple.

At present, the company has announced plans to hire product managers, user-interface experts, and software engineers.

This move perhaps has something to do with the fact that at present Apple over shadows Google by a ratio of 3:1, … - Read More >

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“Windowshop” the new Amazon web design for iPad users

iPad users and the new Amazon “WindowShop” web design

Amazon UK has launched their new “Windowshop”, a redesigned version of their website in an attempt to make their site more user-friendly for iPad users.

With “intimate and fluid user interaction”, the Amazon Windowshop has a highly responsive interface that is exclusively on offer to iPad users; due the multi-touch technology on offer with Apple products.

If Amazon representatives are right about … - Read More >

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We’ve made the move to Ubuntu and Windows is no more, hooray or boohoo?

The office is pretty much divided (or maybe it’s just me), so let me sum up some of the benefits and positives of Ubuntu.

Now, I’d say that it is quite innovative and forward-thinking for an internet company to make the move to Ubuntu. I mean everyone uses Windows or even an Apple but I’ve never heard of any big company using Ubuntu and yet RedSauce … - Read More >

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Slow server speed can not only deter visitors from converting on your site. It can stop them from viewing the page or bouncing as soon as it loads. Slow page speed is also detrimental to SEO efforts so it important to fine tune every site to ensure your getting the most out of your server.

Today I am going to show you the open source Firefox/Firebug plug-in Page Speed. Page Speed is a great way to analyze the performance of … - Read More >

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Posted on June 2nd, 2010 - Under Programming

A while ago I discussed how you could benefit from making use of caching to speed up page load times. Today I’ll discuss some more easy ways to speed your whole site up.

Try and consolidate files into a single file where possible. This mainly applies to Javascript and CSS files. Many people load at least 3 or so Javascript files on their sites, so reducing this to a single file will reduce the number of HTTP requests that the … - Read More >

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Posted on May 26th, 2010 - Under Programming

When CSS first came about, it liberated websites from their dull tabular layouts. Today CSS3 is still pushing boundaries by adding more and more ways for web designers to style their websites without resorting to excessive images and hacks.

Some elements of the new CSS specification may not seem particularly useful at first, but as you use more and more of it, new ideas for website layouts that simply weren’t possible before can now come to life.… - Read More >

Author: Chris

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Posted on May 20th, 2010 - Under Programming

Back up routines are important for anyone working on a computer never mind businesses. When working with computers it’s all too easy to forget about backing up your work. There are hundreds of ways you can lose data such as power surges, data corruption, accidental deletion, the list is endless.… - Read More >

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Posted on May 13th, 2010 - Under Programming

Many people rush into buying a domain before taking a step back and thinking about the quality of the domain. Just becuase its available doesnt mean you should snatch it. … - Read More >

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