Is it possible to make money using Twitter?

Posted on October 23rd, 2009 - Under SEO

moneyAccording to Alexa, Twitter is the 13th most popular website in the world.  No doubt, it will at some point in the future breach the top 10, given its surging popularity. With so many people using Twitter, people will undoubtedly try to think of ways of generating revenue from it. Of course Twitter is being used as marketing and advertising tool by companies already, and very successfully in the case of the DELL Outlet account for example, with over 1.3 million followers. However, that is promoting a brand and a product range, how about actually making money using Twitter itself?

We have already seen the largest online retailer, Amazon, ban affiliate commissions from Twitter and other social networking sites, although as the blog post points out, there are various ways around this it seems. However the affiliate idea can still be applicable as you could promote your own affiliate website via Twitter. Another option is to create a popular Twitter application, and then garner revenue from Adsense, although it would have to be a highly popular application to make any real money like this.  One of the main objectives of those using Twitter for affiliate marketing is to build up a strong army of followers.  I have noticed a number of spam followers on my own account.  Most of these are of scantily clad women, that then Tweet links to explicit websites. However, Twitter appears to have a way of removing these, as they often disappear shortly after becoming a follower.

At the moment Twitter has not created a revenue model for themselves, as they are focusing on building up a strong following and carefully avoiding upsetting their current users. A wise move. We have seen how the monetisation attempts on facebook and Youtube have been thoroughly underwhelming for advertisers and the owners of these two social networks.  But, if Twitter were to create something similar to the Adsense model, no doubt efforts to create accounts with a huge following will increase.

I am sure there are dozens of other ways that people are testing to make money out of Twitter that have not been uncovered yet, so it will be interesting to see what emerges in the future.

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